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FYI from the community profile:

No memberships to the community are being accepted, except from writers of "Dancing Lessons" who may wish to join. Be aware that NONE of the fic posted to this journal archive is new, and that there are no plans to update "Dancing Lessons."

This site serves ONLY as an archive for the fanfic story "Dancing Lessons."No new fic will be posted to this journal. Please do not contact the journal moderator regarding updates, as all requests for completion of said story will be ignored. Again, this serves ONLY as an archive of "Dancing Lessons" so that the authors and readers may return to view the work if they so desire. The story stands incomplete as of 8/13/05, and there are no plans to finish it.

Thank you!
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Hey, if anyone is still reading this community who might actually care, do you want me to import everything over to DW and close this down? I'm going to shut down my own LJ account soon, and as the owner/moderator/whatever they call it of this community, I wouldn't want to kill this one accidentally if others would ever want to read this.
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